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Chocolate Covered Cherries and Pizza

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Chukar cherries are my long time love!  First encounter — ages ago at Pike Place Market.

They are pricy but really delicious.  Both fruits and cherries are of high quality.

On our way back from the wine country, we stopped by Prosser, WA – the location of Chukar’s head quarter.

I was hoping they would have plant tour but it was only retail store.

They were very generous with sampling.  We got to try multiple chocolate covered fruits and nuts, some sauces and chutney/sauces as well.

Normally I purchase my Chukar’s at REI, where you can buy bulk from a self-serve kiosk and they charge by the oz.

My favorite is Black Forest Cherries.  The lovely melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate was covered with bitter cocoa powder; inside a very moist chewy Bing cherry with slight amaretto flavor.  It tasted like a Black Forest Cake except the textural difference.

SInce I was at a retail store, I decided to buy other flavors that REI did not offer.

I got the Tangerine Cherry which was citrus flavored chocolate with cherry, and the organic chocolate covered rainier cherries.


I felt that there was too much citrus flavor on the Tangerine cherries and it over powered the cherries.

The Rainier cherries had subtle flavors to start with.

It was a waste to coat them with chocolate as the yummy dark chocolate unfortunately overpowered the Rainier cherries.

I never tasted their pecan before (even though it was available at REI, there was no free sample) until the shop keeper gave us a sample of the cocoa pecan and also the honey pecans.

WOW!  The pecans were crunchy with very nice roasted flavors.

They were also coated with some praline for extra caramelized sweetness and crunchiness!  The honey version tasted similar to Almond Roca except it was pecan.

I could not resist the deep dark chocolate and went for the cocoa pecans.  It still had the praline layer so they were definitely crunchy!


Doof Media

Pizza: A Global History by Carol Helstosky

This book was part of the Edible Series.

I did not know that historically, pizza was for poor Italians in Naples.

Pizza was also sold by how much people could afford.  More money, bigger pieces.

Short history aside, the book spent quite a bit of time talking about the standardization of pizza in the US and around the globe.

Domination of Pizza Hut and Dominos; how these companies started and what they stand for today.

How Italians had attempted to define pizza, and how flavors of pizza were adaptable to different cultures and each country had their own twist.

I loved that a few recipes of pizza were given at the back of the book (even a recipe of pizza dough with lard!).

I enjoyed the mention of many different “pizza” around the world: Korean pizza cone; and the author included Okonomiyaki as a kind of Japanese pizza (I personally disagree with this inclusion as the origins of the two were vastly different)

However, I found myself skimming a part of the book when the author repeatedly wrote that pizza was for poor people, and it had grown beyond that and was consumed by the masses in many different ways.

Another quick read.  I was not learning as much from this book as the “Lemon” book.  Hopefully the “Tea” and “Hamburger” books will be better!


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