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Walla Walla Wine Country Part II

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Doof Out

I should explain that I like drinking wine; had my share of tasting wine and analyzing them when I was in school.

However, by no means that I considered myself a wine connoisseur.  Tasting impressions were based on my personal preferences!

With that said, the second day, we set out to check out another highly recommended winery Dunham Cellars.

The ground was beautiful and the tasting room had some beautiful art work by the wine maker.

We tasted several red and white wines, however, not too impressed.

Great aromas, great flavors with astringent and sour aftertaste; seemed to be the theme we were getting from most of the wineries.

The one wine I liked was the 2006 Merlot.  It was really smooth with rounded flavors.  Deep with its age and just wonderful to taste.  However, at $75 a bottle, I passed.

Next, we went to Syzygy.  Little tiny store full of Dutch colors blue and orange.
We tasted 4 reds and immediately fell in love with their basic Red Wine, 2008.

It had bright sweet fruit and smooth; made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec and Merlot.

The Syrah, Carbernet Sauvignon and Saros blend were getting too strong in tannin and astringency for my liking.

Balboa tasting room was housed in a nice barn, stone-throw away from another winery called Beresen.  Apparently they were different businesses but had the same wine maker.

I loved 2 of the names they gave to their wines — Constrictor and Mith.  Aromas and flavors were great, but very dry for my taste, and just could not get over the astringency tannin and sourness.

Amavi cellars was perched on the hill with gorgeous view of the grounds and vineyards below.  We were only able to taste 3 wines there but I was sold with the very first sip of their Semillon.  Bright, sweet and fruity.  It was wonderful and smooth.

Before lunch, we went to Basel Cellars.

The winery was huge!  We tasted another 5 wines or so.  Nothing stood out.

It was about 1:30pm when we were done with the tastings.  Did not know that it would be hard to find a place for lunch as most businesses closed early on Sundays.  We hurried to The Maple Counter.

Unfortunately when we arrived we were told that they did not serve lunch and we were left with all day breakfast.

I shared a corn beef hash with DH.  It was well prepared albeit a little greasier and saltier than my liking.  Flavor was very good but I could not eat too much since we made eggs and meats for our breakfast that same morning, and really did not feel like sweet dishes.


Went to Graze and ordered a sandwich to go.  I got the pulled pork torta.  It was fantastic!  They toasted the torta and it was crisp.  the pulled pork was wonderfully flavored and moist with a chipotle sauce and avocado.

My friend had the “Sexy Time” Panini, which had chicken breast, bacon and brie.  It was excellent!

On our way home from lunch, we went to L’Ecole.

The tasting room was in an old school-house which was architecturally beautiful.

The wood work inside was intricate.  I wished they open more parts of the building for exploration.

The wines were aromatically fragrant with great flavors, but again very high tannin, sourness and astringency.

I did have a taste of a chocolate Merlot sauce that was available.  It was mostly chocolate with a nice hint of wine flavor.  It was perfect as gift!

Lastly, to round up our trip, we went to Waterbrook.

It was a giant winery and they had many many wines.

We were slated to taste about 6 wines.  A few of which we could only purchase at the winery or exclusive to their wine club only.  They had nice aromas, particularly the white ones, but still a little astringent and sour.

As we walked in, we saw this lovely bottle that I immediately wanted to own!


When we walked up to the counter, I noticed that they had wine refills.

Apparently they had a sustainable line of wines (one red and one white) that utilized the refillable “Villager” bottle.

The shop keeper shared with us that there was no glass recycling in Wall Walla.  It was quite unbelievable, especially with all the wineries around!

I asked about the refill wines, and we also got to taste both the red and white.  I believe it was Viognier.

Landed with the red and the lovely bottle.  It was an easy drink red with bright red berry flavors, surprising clean and crisp.

My friend heard about their Brown line being very good.  We asked to taste that too.

It was delicious.  Complex flavors and low in tannin.

It was a very different attitude at Waterbrook.  It was ok for us to request a taste of something that was not on the tasting list.

I was flat-out rejected at Cougar Crest when I wanted to taste their wine spectator rated products that was not on the list.

Monday was a travelling day.  Stopped at Johnson Orchards again to reload more fruits to bring home.  DH bought a big box of Gala apple by the pound, wonderfully sweet and crisp.  My eyes were still on the peaches!



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