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Arugula Spaghetti — Molecular Gastronomy Experiment No. 1

In Food, Home Creation on August 28, 2013 at 13:54

Doof Home

First experiment was a success and a failure, but let’s not get ahead of myself.


It was really fun playing with food.  I followed the recipe on the DVD to make the arugula spaghetti.


2 cups arugula, chopped

3/4 cup water

2g of agar agar

black pepper (not on the DVD, but knee jerk reaction on my part; I did stop myself from salting it to stay true to the recipe)


Blend the chopped arugula with water until smooth.

Add arugula to a pot and sprinkle agar.  Then, turn up the heat and bring mixture to boil.


This mixture was then sucked up in the syringe to be injected into the small plastic tubes.


The tubes were then soaked in ice water for 3 min.


Empty syringe with air was connected to the end of the tubes to eject the spaghetti.

Some downsides to the making of spaghetti.  It was very difficult to handle; very delicate and basically broke on touch.

I had to eject the spaghetti out exactly how I wanted to plate them.  Very difficult.

The tools provided were not meant to finish the arugula mixture efficiently.  It was a very slow process making 3 spaghetti at a time and waiting 3 mins in between.

Meanwhile, the mixture was getting cold and started gelatinizing and required re-heating.

One syringe also made it difficult to toggle between injecting arugula mixture and ejecting spaghetti.

I would need a lot more tubes for sure in the future and perhaps one more syringe to facilitate the process.

From an experimentation and presentation point of view, this was most definitely a success.

However, I was too excited to play with food that I forgot the most common sense – the food had to taste good!

This spaghetti, not so much.  I forgot about the fact that cooked arugula did not taste good at all.

In fact, the spaghetti tasted awful!  The bitterness came through as a monster attack, it was metallic, somehow astringent and the flavor was not great and tasted bland.

Texture did not bother me at all, just soft and melted away.  I believe the water to agar ratio needed to be revisited to yield sturdier spaghetti.

After plating, lots of balsamic vinegar was doused on top of the dish for consumption.

There was huge potential in the spaghetti application.

It would have to be with a vegetable that tasted good after cooking such as spinach or collard greens.

The mixture would need to be seasoned or use broth instead of water for blending.

I made the most visually stunning plate of my whole life, and also the worst tasting food I had ever prepared in my whole life all at once!!  Nonetheless, loads of fun and more to come!


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