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Molecular Gastronomy Kit

In Food, Home Creation on August 27, 2013 at 10:32

Doof Home

With house remodeling, family and friends visited from afar, I finally opened the Christmas gift I purchased for myself!


Just the name of the kit and the pictures featured put a spark in me.  I did not look at the content of the kit before purchase, so it was truly a surprise.


As it went, the kit consisted of a box of tools, packets of agar, calcium lactate, sodium alginate, xanthan gum, soy lecithin ,a DVD of recipes and introductory booklet (the round dots mould came with the box externally),  Not what I expected.

The tool box had a syringe, plastic tube, measuring spoons, slotted spoon and pipettes.


Read the introductory booklet which contained a few recipes on “emulsification”, “spherification”, “gelification” and “siphon whipping”.

Emulsification was the making of flavored foam.

Spherification was to encapsulate liquid food in a bubble.

Gelification was to gelatinized otherwise liquidy food such as vinegar.

Siphon Whipping required a whipped cream siphon to whip low-fat liquid food such as coffee.

These were absolutely intriguing to me especially with my former food science life.  This kit was mini food science!!!

Proceeded to watch the DVD recipes, and —FUN!

First the food pictures were beautiful and mouth-watering!  Reminded me a little of the movie “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.  My friend described the movie as food porn.  This DVD recipes’ pictures were comparable!

The best part was seeing what could be done — a balsamic vinegar sheet, frozen chocolate foam, encapsulated goat cheese (they called it “ravioles”), arugula spaghetti, etc.

There were two memorable recipes.  First, the encapsulated mojito.  Yes, a mojito drink in a bubble decorated with a mint leaf!  Second, a fake sunny side up egg made with milk sheet as the egg white and encapsulated mango puree as the yolk!  Endless fun!

I wish that the DVD or introductory book would provide a basic guideline of how much liquid to how much gum/chemical additive powder to use.  It would make exploration of recipes outside of what was provided easier.  Meanwhile, I will be re-watching the DVD to get a sense of liquid to powder ratio.

I am very happy with this purchase and I can see hours of fun coming in the future!  Will definitely attempt a recipe or two in a few days.  The “eat whole food” part of me is disagreeing with the unnecessary addition of gums and chemicals (albeit naturally occurring as well) in food.

Back to my motto, “everything in moderation” then!


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