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Forks Over Knives and Teas

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Doof Media

I enjoyed the movie “Forks over Knives“.  At times the facts were just plain scary.  The movie was a very sound reporting of 2 scientists’ (a surgeon and a nutritional scientist) research on the correlations of food and onset of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  The movie advocated a total plant-based diet, free of animal meats, eggs, milk and other dairy products.

I loved that the movie was fact-based; presented audience with both animal and human trial results.  It showed graphs and numbers from research that was done by the 2 scientists.  The most impressive was a massive China study that was done by the nutritional scientist, Dr. Campbell.  He collaborated with Chinese scientist to study the relationships between the occurrence of different chronic diseases and the specific diets of the regions.

Weaved into the movie was real life stories from patients of Dr. Esselstyn, the surgeon of the movie.  Dr. Esselstyn treated his patients, who had failed multiple by-passes and were critically ill, with plant-based diets.  Many of his patients did remarkably well, survived near death prognosis and were independent of drugs.

The most empowering part of the movie was in their findings.  At least for chronic heart diseases, the damages caused by meat diet in our bodies were reversible.

I have always believe in everything in moderation, eat healthy but still allow myself to indulge at times.  DH and I used to have one night of vegan a week.  With our house remodeling that practice was pushed to the side.  This movie definitely encouraged me to bring the practice back.  The movie ended up with a saying, “eat to live and not live to eat”.  I definitely fall in the later category.  Perhaps one step at a time, and one day will power may win!

Doof Home


Continuing my quest to try different herbal teas available in grocery stores.  Came across the Good Earth Cool Mint tea.  I first had this during camping.  When I opened my thermos, really strong aromas other than mint oozed out.  A definite mismatch on product expectations!  That was when I realized there was more to the “Cool Mint”.  Sure enough, I capped the thermos again to keep the aroma in the head space and opened to smell surprisingly chocolate, almost bubble gum-like aromas (yes, the original pink bubble gum!), hazelnut with spearmint.

When I drank the tea, the flavor was mostly mint with a hint of bubble gum fruity.  The tea left a strong cooling sensation in the mouth which was very pleasant, with minty bubble gum flavor.  When I got home and read the box, the ingredients were peppermint, spearmint, chicory root (the likely chocolatey aroma), green rooibos, nutmeg, elderberries, peppermint oil (strong cooling sensation) and other natural flavors.

The tea was a surprise and tasted good.  I probably would not buy it again in the future as I would like to avoid added flavoring in my food and drink.

The Honeybush tea from Numi was simple and delicious.  I first had honeybush tea when I was working at the coffee giant.  I remembered it being a delicious tea but had not had any since then.

The aroma was honey, slight vanilla, a hint of pur-eh tea and a hint of rooibos tea.  There was slight sweetness naturally from the tea when I drank it and the flavor reminded me of diluted pur-eh with slight honey note and little smokiness.  This tea would become a member of my herbal tea rotation!


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