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Steamed chicken with mushrooms and chinese sausage

In Food, Home Creation on August 21, 2013 at 13:21

Doof Home

Got some fresh shiitake mushrooms from my CSA box and decided to make this simple dish.



3 chicken thigh meat, boneless, skinless, cut in pieces

2 sticks of Chinese sausage, sliced

2 oz. of fresh shiitake mushrooms*

green onions for garnish

sesame oil for greasing plate

Marinate for chicken

1 tsp of soy sauce

1/2 tsp of Chinese cooking wine or rice wine

1/4 tsp of five spice powder

1 tsp of corn flour

Grease the bottom of a plate with sesame oil.

Add marinate to chicken and mix and let sit for at least 15 mins.

Mix mushrooms and Chinese sausage slices with the chicken pieces.

Add an inch to 2 inches of water in a pot or wok, cover and bring to boil.^

Place chicken dish in the pot or wok.  Cover and steam for 6 mins with high heat.

Remove chicken dish from pot or wok and garnish with green onions.

*dried shiitake mushrooms can be used.  Be sure to soak the dried mushrooms with cold water for no more than 2 hours.  Slice if the mushrooms are big.  Adjust the weight accordingly as dried mushrooms are a lot lighter!

^for detail steaming set up, please refer to “Chinese steamed fish


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