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Chinese steamed fish

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Chinese Steamed Fish

My sister had requested this dish during her visit.  It is super healthy and easy to make; but will require some experimentation with heat output from different stove tops.

Freshness is key.  Make sure the fish is either swimming in the tank or frozen but with their eyes still very clear (without cloudiness).



2lb fresh snapper descale and guts removed.  Most store will have this fish cleaning service (rainbow trout, tilapia will all work as well.  I ended up with 2 1-lb snapper this time due to availability in the store).

1 stalk of green onion, slice into matchsticks

1 thumb size ginger, slice into matchsticks

1/8 cup of soy sauce^

1 tbsp. of sugar^

1/8 cup cooking oil

Coarse salt

Find a deep pot or wok with lid that has a tight fit.  Make sure the pot or wok will fit the plate for the fish, and that there is wiggle room to take the plate out later when it is extremely hot.  The lid needs to be dome shape so the condensate can drip down the side.  Be sure the lid will not touch the fish dish or the fish.

Lay fish flat on a plate.  Sprinkle salt on both sides and belly of the fish.

Fill the pot or wok with 1-2 inches of water, dependent on the height of the support for the fish plate.  Another plate upside down can help to prop up the big fish plate if there is no proper steaming rack.  Goal is to prop the fish dish high enough to be above boiling water.  There will be no direct contact between the fish plate and boiling water.  Be sure the support is solid to keep the fish dish in place during steaming.

Place ginger sticks in the belly and on top of the fish.

Microwave the soy sauce for 10 seconds and add sugar to dissolve.  ^I found soy sauce such as Kikkoman saltier than Chinese soy sauce.  Taste the sweetened soy sauce to make sure it is to your liking.

Boil water at high heat with lid.  Remove lid and place fish plate inside the pot or wok when the water boils.  Cover.

Steam fish for 6 mins*.  Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan until smoky.

Once the fish is done steaming, remove promptly from the heat and place the dish on the counter.  If there is any water in the fish dish, make sure to pour it out.  Add green onions immediately and pour smoking hot oil on top of the fish, ginger and green onion.

Finally pour sweetened soy sauce on top.

*This is the experimental part.  I have gas stove at home with high output of 22K BTU/hr.  If the output is smaller, it will take longer.

The best way to check whether the fish is done is to poke the fish with a chopstick (with blunt end).  If the chopstick goes through easily, then the fish is done.  It is not recommended to open and close the lid a lot, however, it is necessary to establish cooking time for specific stove.

The dish tastes best without overcooking.  Start with steaming for 6 mins and check every minute there after until cooked.


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