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Cakes and Lemon

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Doof Out

My friend (thanks FT!) introduced me to a small Japanese bakery called Fumie’s Gold in Bellevue.  I believe I had the best cake ever in Seattle area!

They were serving up at least 8 kinds of cakes on Sunday when we were there.  The shop keeper told me that they offered different flavors every day.  We had green tea tiramisu, chocolate gateau, strawberry shortcake and banana cake.  I was in HEAVEN!


First and foremost, the sweetness was just right.  The cakes were truly at Asian sweet level.  My favorite was the strawberry shortcake.  fresh strawberries with very fluffy eggy cake.  The whipped cream was fresh with great airy texture and lightly sweetened.  The chocolate gateau was rich, very chocolatey but not heavy.  It was made with good quality bittersweet chocolate.  I was worried it would be too sweet with the large amount of powder sugar on it, but it was needed to balance the bitter chocolate.


I went again yesterday.  There were the regular tiramisu, lemon cheesecake, fruit tart and strawberry chocolate shortcake.  The tiramisu were excellent.  They were super creamy and rich.  Both cocoa/coffee powder in the regular and matcha in the green tea version were unsweetened and strong.  It made the cup very flavorful,  The fruit tart’s crust was crumbly when the fork went through and the custard was.

I found myself prefer Fumie’s Gold over Hiroki on the Seattle side.  I am awaiting the next time to check in and explore new flavors they offer!

Fumie's Gold on Urbanspoon

Doof Media

Lemon: A global history by Toby Sonneman

What a wonderful little dense book!  This book is part of the edible series from Reaktion Books.  It contains all kinds of random facts, history, story, even recipes and cooking tips on lemon.  I love that there are many pictures of historical values — old lemonade advertising from the 50s, lables from lemon crates in the early 1900 and pictures from lemon sorting plants in 1900s to name a few.  The book talks about origins of lemon, how the plant spread and its usage over time.   It was a lovely short, educational read, and I intend to read all the other food items in the series as well!

  1. Oh my god I die of visual deliciousness and wish I was where you are! Damn now I need cake, and fluffy delicious cake as that! Yum!

  2. Yes! Fumie’s Gold is great and the owner is really friendly too. I love going to that place for an afternoon treat 🙂

  3. […] quick read.  I was not learning as much from this book as the “Lemon” book.  Hopefully the “Tea” and “Hamburger” books will be […]

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