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Pork Belly Burger and colorful local fruits

In Eating Out, Food, Food Product for Home on August 9, 2013 at 18:56

Doof Out

Finally tried food from The Swinery today.  They have many interesting pork burgers and bacon hotdog!  I picked their BLT — made with pork belly, lettuce, tomatoes and a chicken liver pate mayo.  I knew that it will be an unhealthy meal, but got to try it!


The pork belly was seared perfectly and the bun was grilled crisp.  The bun’s sweetness balanced the saltiness of the pork belly.  The chicken liver pate mayo was unique, flavorful but runny.  As much as it was very tasty, this experience will have to be a once in many years event.  It was such a gut bomb that I believe dinner is unnecessary tonight!

The Swinery on Urbanspoon

Doof Home

I love summer for its abundance of fruits!  Particularly this year is hot in Washington!

I was excited to find local watermelon at the farmers market (it was so cold the past 2 summers that I do not recall seeing watermelon at the farmers market).  The cantaloupe was super fragrant; and the blueberries and raspberries were sweet.  Personally I have not cultivate love for fresh blackberries yet as they were mostly sour.  These were the loot I got from the market yesterday — on top of peaches as big as my fist, and apricots from our CSA already in my fridge!  The color of summer is amazing!


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