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Yes Chef and Sprouted Rice

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Yes Chef: A Memoir by Marcus Samuelsson

It is an enjoyable light read.  Chef Samuelsson’s background is very interesting.  He wrote about how his upbringing in Sweden with a grandmother who was a fantastic cook, his fishing trips with his father and all the Swedish food he helped to prepare had formed a base and love for his cooking.  Layered on his experience in Europe and on cruise ships when he had decided to be a chef.  The book revealed the hard life of a chef and all the interesting characters that he met over time.  The cruise ship experience led him to explore foods from the Caribbean and Asia.  He also wrote about finding his root in Ethiopia and had melt those flavors in his cooking as well.  All these worldly flavors had come into his cooking today.  The best part of the book was when he talked about inventing his signature dish — a foie gras ganache.  It was very creative!

I regretted that we did not visit his restaurant Red Rooster in NYC when we were there earlier this year.  Now I am really intrigued with his flavor combinations and really want to experience his food!  He has inspired me and I have on my to-do list to visit a spice store to try out exotic spices from around the world!

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Costco has a sprouted rice with quinoa that I love adding to my brown rice.  It is quite expensive ($9 for the bag) so I am using it in 1:2 ratio with regular brown rice to make my rice more nutritious.  The grains are soft and feel fluffier than regular rice.  For the longest time, I thought quinoa was a grain but I had just recently learnt that it was not!  Quinoa is a seed, which has closest tie to spinach!  It is packed with protein, fibers and iron — just have to be really diligent in rinsing quinoa before cooking otherwise the dish will have a very chalky pleasant flavor.  Sprouted rice are good for us due to the soften fibers, which allow direct access to nutrients in the rice.   It also activates enzymes that are normally dormant in rice.

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