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Reuben, Pastrami Dip and Chirashi

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Doof Out

Went to the Market House Meats in downtown Seattle yesterday.  I had been intrigued by this place for a very long time.  Every time I was just passing by in the car.  Decided to go for an outing,  The place was established since 1948 and it looked bare minimal both exterior and interior.  It was, however, one of the place to get decent pastrami or reuben sandwich!

We were a party of 3 and ordered 3 sandwiches: reuben, pastrami dip and BBQ brisket.  First off, the portions were humongous.  Among us 2 girls and 1 boy, we ate total of 2 sandwiches.  They were very generous with the meats!  Each sandwich came with lots of pickles, scoop of potato salad and a chocolate chip cookie for just about $10 with tax.

My favorite was the reuben.  The rye bread was grilled crispy and the had lots of sauerkraut.  The best part was the corned beef.  It was tender, flavorful and juicy.  The thousand island dressing was not overkill, all in all a delicious hearty sandwich.


Next favorite was the pastrami dip.  It was served with a hogie and the meat was just as excellent as the corned beef.  All the meats were sliced thinly.  The flavors of the Au jus was excellent, but as most Au jus, it was very salty.  We added companion grilled onions which added sweetness to the sandwich.


Lastly was the brisket.  The brisket was soft and mixed with a sweet BBQ sauce.  Melty cheese was added to the sandwich and it was creamy!


I really wanted to try their Irish Chowder, but no luck.  The owner said that they wanted to avoid dairy that would be sitting out in a pot during the summer.  He did assure me that by September they would have the Chowder again.  I did get a sample of the split pea soup and it was very savory and delicious.  I believe the secret ingredient was the large amount of meat trims in the soup.

For dinner, we took chirashi take-out from Musashi.  We went to the one in Bellevue, and it was the sister restaurant of Musashi in Wallingford.  It has been opened for under a year.  The chirashi did not contain huge variety of fish (usually salmon, shrimp, tuna, albacore, eel, scallop and yellow tail); but for about $15, we could always count on having very fresh fish.  The sushi rice, however, had been hit or miss.  Last night was a good night, it had good balance of vinegar and sweetness.  Some nights we had bland rice (as if they forgot to season it) and some nights it was very very sour.  We tried the cooked food in the restaurant (teriyaki and grills, they were so so) but found that chirashi had the best value.




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  1. Chirashi is so yum! Eaten ate both locations, but the one in Bellevue is so convenient that I try to go at least once a month…

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