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Cupcakes and Pineapple Cakes

In Food, Food Product for Home on July 31, 2013 at 10:51

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My friend (thanks VN!) bought the delicious Vancouver Asian cupcakes again from Luv Cravings!


This time, we had Asian flavors such as lychee, taro, black sesame and tropical (pineapple, coconut and banana). There were also classic flavors of red velvet, chocolate and coffee.  Our friend bought us green tea flavor last time.

All the cakes were very moist and had nice subtle flavors.  My favorite was chocolate, taro, lychee and black sesame.  The chocolate one I loved because it had very intense dark chocolate flavor.  The icing tasted like ganache.  The lychee and taro flavors were very authentic and real and did not taste like flavorings.  The black sesame really tasted as if I was having the Chinese black sesame soup.

I also tried their teas.  Generally I would not choose flavored teas.  However, their lychee green tea called Shanghai Lychee Jasmine, was delicious.  The lychee flavor did not overpower the jasmine green tea; the green tea itself was smooth and non astringent.  Another tea we got was the Long Island strawberry, which was a strawberry flavored black tea.    There was real dried strawberry pieces in the tea and very tasty.


Also got my supply of pineapple cakes from Taiwan.  Pineapple cakes are considered one of the delicacies from Taiwan.  Traditionally the filling is made with pineapple and winter melon, wrap within a buttery pastry.  I do not like pineapple cakes until my aunt introduced me to this particular pineapple cakes.  These particular cakes’ filling were made with real pineapple only, resulting in a sweet/tart taste with very strong and nice pineapple flavor (as compared to traditional ones had much subdued pineapple flavor because of  the winter melon, and also lack of tartness from the pineapple).  The texture was chewy as one could chew through slightly dried and sweetened pineapples (where as traditional ones had smoother texture).  The outer layer was also done superbly — buttery, crumbly and melts in your mouth.


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  2. They were delicious! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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