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Mistral Kitchen and Northwest Chocolate Festival

In Eating Out, Food, Home Creation on July 29, 2013 at 11:30

Doof Out

A pleasant visit to Mistral Kitchen last night.  We had several small plates and 2 large plates to share among friends.

For small plates, we had clams with chorizo, which was very flavorful and we used up all the juice/sauce with the lovely bread and butter!

They prepared our Maine dive scallop exceptionally well.  The scallop was huge and It was seared crispy on the outside.  Came with a dashi broth with radish and mushrooms.

Lastly, we had seared foie gras.  It was served on a small waffle.  It was again seared excellently but the foie gras itself taste a little bland.


For Large plates, we had duck breasts and pork loin.

The duck breast was tender but the most delicious part was the curried lentil on the side.  It had strong curry flavor without the runny sauce.  However, the pea vine on the side was a little undercook.


The pork loin was done very well as well.  I generally do not get pork loin cuts just because it is too lean.  This one was prepared pink in the center.  The outside was seasoned with lovely flavors and was dry and crispy.  The inside was tender, but because of the cut, it still felt lean and drier than my liking.  I believe one who likes pork loin will find the dish very well prepared, tender and tasty.


The Northwest Chocolate Festival will be happening on September 20-22 this year at the Washington Convention Center.  Tickets will be on sale early August!

Doof Home

Smoothie of the day:  carrot, kale, apricots, strawberries

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