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Pizza and Chocolate Cookies

In Eating Out, Food on July 28, 2013 at 15:49

Doof Out

A long-waited experience!  Pizzas at Serious Pie.  They were fantastic!  The pizza crust bottom was crisp and chewy, the middle part was airy and fluffy.  We ordered one with sweet sausage and peppers, one with clams and one with soft eggs and prosciutto.  We also got the beet salad with cherries which was very tasty.  Never thought of beet and cherry combination and it was delightful!


My favorite was the soft eggs with prosciutto, garlic and arugula.  The overall flavor of the pizza was mild.  The runny egg yolk added creaminess to the pizza.  All the ingredients just worked really well together!


The sweet sausage with peppers was very spicy.  Opposite from the soft eggs pizza, this pizza’s flavors were very strong.  Sausages were well spiced.


I was really looking forward to the clam one but was a little disappointed that it was salty.  The cured meat chunks were very salty, and I wish there were more clams as well.  Nonetheless,  the pizza had intriguing ingredient combination and it was worth the try.


Stopped by next door to Dahlia Bakery to introduce my out of town friends the wonderful coconut pie (I was too full from the pizza to have any!).  When I got to the bakery and saw the chocolate truffle cookies, I could not resist but to buy a few!

Comparing this chocolate truffle cookie to Grand Central’s similar triple chocolate cookies, I prefer Grand Central’s.  Both chocolate cookies were for serious chocolate lovers — strong, dark and very chocolatey.  Both cookies’ texture were soft.  However, Grand Central’s cookie had good sweetness but Dahlia’s was way too sweet for my taste.

Serious Pie on Urbanspoon


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