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Ewe cheese, Bolani and Chinese Cook Books

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Had Ewe cheese for the very first time and it was so out of this world!  Bought the cheese from Calf and Kid in Seattle and they have a large selections of cheeses and some very unique ones.  “Ewephoria” was the cheese I got and it was addictive as advertised!  The cheese was from Holland and it was in the gouda category.   It was very smooth, nutty, and with a hint of cereal flavor.  It was not gamey at all.  Reminded me a little of Manchengo except a lot creamier and minus the sharpness.

Costco is selling an Afghan Bolani.  Bolani is a wheat based vegan flat bread with vegetable fillings.  Costco is selling ones with spinach, pumpkin and spicy potatoes.  The ingredients are clean and they are delicious!  They also sell the sauces that compliment the Bolani — eggplant pesto, cilantro pesto, sweet jalapeno, sun-dried tomato pesto, basil pesto and curry lentil.


Doof Media

Highly recommend these 2 Chinese cookbooks:


I generally don’t read cookbooks — open cookbook, flip for a recipe that is appealing, follow instructions, and put cook book away.

I READ these 2 books like novels!  Every recipe has tips on preparing different ingredients, and tricks to make the dish better (softer meat for steam meat, how to make congee smooth, how to pick crabs etc.).  The recipes are very authentic Cantonese and easy to follow.  Better yet, it is in both Chinese and English!

The 2 chefs who wrote the books are decorated Hong Kong chefs who are teaching at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education.  Anyone who loves to cook authentic Cantonese Chinese Food will find these 2 cook books very useful.

Without a trip to Hong Kong, I was able to find the books available on Yes Asia

  1. I will have to remember to flip through the books the next time I’m over 🙂

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