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Sausages, Eggs, Toffee and Apple Cider

In Food, Food Product for Home on July 23, 2013 at 16:44

Doof Home

Making an effort to replace my otherwise carbs heavy breakfast (bread and fruit smoothie) with protein.

I tried sausages.  Whole Foods has really great in-house sausages made with healthier meats such as turkey and chicken, and also traditional pork.  Another note worthy product is Trader Joe’s chicken sausages.  Overall, I found sausages on the heavy side for breakfast, and consumption of sausages increase my meat intake (which for future health, sustainability and philosophical reasons I am trying to decrease).  The alternative is Tofuky’s Italian sausages.  I choose this product among many soy fake meat products because it is made with real tofu and not soy components (textured soy protein, protein isolates, soy protein concentrate etc.).  It most definitely needs to be consumed hot with crispy skin, and it is decent feel good option.

The next easy protein source is eggs.  I was dreading it because I only like eggs prepared 1) sunny side up or soft boil — for the purpose of having running yolks to consume with toasts or rice (which will not help with reducing carbs) 2) Chinese steam eggs with pork or Tortilla Espanola (both will require significantly more time to prepare for breakfast!).  I finally found my magic — truffle salt!  Now I can just do scramble eggs with truffle salt sprinkled on it.  Simple and delicious!  I got the truffle salt from Whole Foods.  It is a bit expensive, but a little goes a long way!  Whole Foods also offers a white truffle salt which is on my list to try!

On an entirely different note, one of the great finds at Greater Seattle’s farmers market is Pete’s Perfect Toffee.   I love the dark chocolate and espresso toffee (made with Starbucks coffee) in particular.  The chocolate to toffee ratio is perfect and the texture of toffee is brittle and light with fantastic caramelly flavor.  The chili toffee was not spicy enough in my opinion.

Another one of my favorite farmers’ market vendor is Rockridge Orchards.  We have excellent apple cider made with different kinds of apple (I have honeycrisp, and another one called Country apple ) and their dessert wines made from berries are excellent and very sweet.  Check them out!


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