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Peppermint tea is one of my favorite beverages, but I find myself needing some varieties in my herbal tea drinking habit.  Bought Yogi Tea “Relax the Mind”.  It is made with plenty wholesome ingredients.  However, the aroma and flavor reminded me of the Chinese herbal medicine paste that was wrapped on my dislocated elbow when I was a kid in Hong Kong…….found myself unable to appreciate the tea.  However, one who enjoys sage will definitely love this tea!

I also tried Traditional Medicinal’s “Eater’s Digest”, and I found the occasional substitute winner to peppermint tea!  There is a nice hint of peppermint and light tingling from the ginger in the tea.  Flavors are well balanced and it is a very soothing tea to have any time of the day!


Other herbal teas in my pantry worth the mention: Yogi Tea Chai Rooibos and Steven Smith Teamaker’s Meadow, Blend No. 67.

The Chai Rooibos has decent chai spices with sweet rooibos tea.  I generally drink it plain or with a little honey.  I found adding milk/soy to the tea drowned out the spices.  It is certainly a good quick herbal substitute for regular caffeinate chai.

Steven Smith Teamaker’s Meadow is a delicious chamomile based herbal tea.  Its herbal blend is packed with complex flavors and yet it is very smooth and soothing.  One tea bag goes a long way!




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