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Raspberries and Turkey Jerky

In Food, Food Product for Home on July 18, 2013 at 22:14

Doof Home

White raspberries from farmers’ market.  Never had it before.  So even they were not organic, decided to try them to curb my curiosity.  Verdict: still like red raspberries better.  The white ones had the tartness, sweetness, texture and seeds of the raspberries, but it seemed to lack the actual raspberry flavor.


New product has arrived at local Costco.  Turkey jerky from Krave.  I generally prefer Chinese meat jerky.  This product, however, change my mind!  It is well flavored and very moist.  It is very additive and there are 4 flavors at the store — 2 for turkey and 2 for pork.  The pork jerky is on the dry side.  The turkey jerky is the star between the 2 meats.  Krave is already available in CA and TX Costco, and will only become permanent in WA if they sell enough!

Smoothie of the day: carrot, kale, apple, watermelon, ginger and cherries

  1. Those raspberries look so weird! 🙂 I am enjoying your blog so far and can’t wait to hear more. I really appreciate the recommendations. It helps me to make a decision at the store when someone has personally endorse a product or food.

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