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Milk Tea, Udon and Ice Cream

In Eating Out, Food, Food Product for Home on July 17, 2013 at 00:05

Doof Home

Enjoying a cup of Hong Kong style milk tea at home writing the first ever entry for my food blog!  I have yet to find good Hong Kong style milk tea in the Greater Seattle area.  The offerings from the few Hong Kong style café’s or bubble tea places’ are a bit pale.  I resorted to making my own quick fix at home with Tetley’s Orange Pekoe (bought from Canadian Costco) with Trader Joe’s organic sweetened condensed milk.  The tea is strong and holds its character with milk and sugar addition.  The ultimate fix will have to wait until the next Richmond, B.C. trip, where I can get the authentic Hong Kong style milk tea from Lido!

Doof Out

With out of town guests visiting, we went to U:Don at University Ave.  U:Don is most definitely my top choice for udon and Japanese fried food in Seattle.  They have summer specials now with cold tan tan udon and better yet, my new favorite goma tan tan udon!  It’s spicy (slow accumulating heat) and it’s delicious!

We followed U:Don with some Molly Moon.  The seasonal flavors are strawberry sour cream and cherry chunk.  The sour cream in the strawberry ice cream came through really nicely and not overpowering; I would say it is the star of the 2 specials.  I did stumble in my first disappointment ever at Molly Moon – soggy waffle cone!!  I have always touted to out of town guests that Molly Moon’s waffle cone is one of the best….hopefully this let down is just once!

U:Don - Fresh Japanese Noodle Station on Urbanspoon


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